hello! welcome to GIRLCREATURE! my little home on the net! GIRLCREATURE is a site dedicated to the things i love & hate & everything in between, it is a space for self expression outside of the norms of commercialized internet! i have many varied interests and this site exists to cater to all of them! this is my little safe spot out in cyberspace :D

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this is why - paramore

finally updating this thing! the day im updating this is the 1st birthday of this album. i've been a paramore fan for a long long long time and this is by FAR their best album (and my personal fav), they really do just get better with every album.
this one feels like a masterfully crafted piece of work that encompasses their entire career thus far, which is fitting because it's the last album they put out with their old label!

for the actual music side of things, i think this album has something for everyone, upbeat catchy pop songs, slow love ballads, classic paramore rock songs, and a heartwrenching closer. everything you need!
as always, hayley williams' vocals are INSANE and so dynamic. i truly love this album. please give it a listen!
fav song: thick skull
rating: 10/10

GIRLCREATURE, other than being the name of my site, is also ME! my alias, of sorts. i'm a 17 year old genderpunk lesbian who really loves music, art, coding, and making a big deal out of things!!!
this little cat creature you see on the side here has been my little avatar for around a year and a half now, though its really just some cat used in memes online. so if you see this thing a lot in this site, thats why!

i'm a person of many interests, as you'll see when you navigate through this site. i love so many things that may be seen as conflicting or as 'cringe'. this does not bother me, though, as this is my own damn site!!! if you don't like it ggggget out!!!! that being said, this site does not have one cohesive theme, hell, there's multiple just for this page! (pls use the theme changer)
thats it. if u wanna learn even more about me and this site go check out my about me section, toodles!