Girlcreature's thrift log


-light grey shirt - M
bench. brand, 93% cotton 7% polyester

-CK light grey shirt - S
calvin klein brand, 90% cotton 10% viscose

-dark grey shirt - XS
american eagle brand, 100% cotton

-dark grey longsleeve - S
mossimo supply co. brand, 57% cotton 43% polyester

-roses mesh shirt - S
garage brand, doesn't say material but i assume polyester & spandex

-cream cardigan - M
serge saint yves brand, 100% acrylic

-soft sweater - XL
penmans brand, 100% polyester


today was a REALLY good day for thrifting. found a lot of stuff.

first is one of 3 (THREE!) blank t-shirts
it's light grey, obv, and fits pretty well. the sleeves are a Little short for my taste but that's just me lol. it does have like... little cuts at the bottom sides? that are maybe an inch or two long. it's not a big deal just a little strange.
i've actually been looking for blank t-shirts for a LONG time. i use them for diy because real merch is expensive :,) but haven't found much in awhile, but i hit the jackpot today!

next is this light grey t shirt, it's like the exact same colour as the last except it has a calvin klein logo.
it fits about the same as the last one, but the sleeves are a bit longer!

next we have, you guessed it, another blank shirt! she's dark grey though :)
she's VERY long, the sleeves are only a bit longer than the last but the length of the actual shirt part goes down to almost the middle of my thighs. which is strange because this one is XS! the others were M and S!!! vanity sizing...

not another blank shirt... but it's long sleeved this time!
she's cute, has those like, cuffs? at the end of the sleeve. dont know what they're called but you know. fits really nicely.

finally some freaking food! a mesh shirt!
i've actually been really into mesh shirts lately idk something about them is so cute and cool to me, such good layering material. so this was quite a find!
it's very like, 2015 tumblr grunge or whatever but it's cute! i love her!

this CARDIGAN...
i LOVE HER! she's so gyaru to me... i LOVE gyaru fashion have for like 2 years now ever since i first found it but it's like super not fitting to my very gothic wardrobe. but i couldn't resist!!! she was calling me!!!! i love her...

and finally, the softest sweater of all time
literally SO soft im wearing rn. shes XL so she is BIG on me but at the same time thats why i love her. so much soft!!! i am a soft FIEND. im so picky with textures so when i find a sweater or blanket or whatever that is the Correct soft im like !!!!!

that is it for today! my mom and brother both got a sweater (yes i feel a bit self centered with this haul... ooops i didn't mean to!)

total: $26


- gray striped crewneck - M
tradition brand, 100% cotton

- black midi skirt - XS
UK2LA brand, 95% polyester 5% spandex

- white long sleeve - M
george brand, 60% cotton 40% polyester

- gold studded belt
no brand listed :( 100% PU

- let go - avril lavigne cd

11-20-23 (i think)

not a lot in this one but thats ok! found stuff that i was really looking for!

first up we have a little gray crewneck
shes very cute i have another like this which is green/purple and i love her but i almost never wear colour :( so she doesn't get worn often. so i was happy to find this one!
the sleeves do start a little earlier than i think fits the length (it basically fits "perfect" length-wise, ending at my hips), but that's really just a nit-pick!

next find was this nice little black midi dress
she's the tiniest bit sheer but it's not the biggest deal.
i actually had gone there that day intentionally looking for a long black skirt because the day prior i had worn one and i didn't realize how bad it fit until that day, it was very uncomfortable lol. really good find.

next is this nice little white longsleeve
she's very basic which is GOOD, i intentionally look for basic shirts and hoodies when i'm out for customizing purposes! this was the first basic pure white longsleeve i had found so i had to get her.

next is this freaken awesome gold studded belt
IMG TBA SORRY i was attracted to her because a) studs. duh. and b) the big stud after every few rows of studs.
i'm NOT a gold girl nor am i really a belt girl (i wear too many big shirts for that) but i needed her. trust. she will be utilized.

lastly, i found this avril lavigne cd!
IMG TBA SORRY i have her second album on cd already so it was awesome to find her first, let go rocks.
i have NEVER found a cd i care about in this shop before (lol) so i was really happy to find one!

that's it for my stuff! my mom ended up getting a few sweaters and i think a shirt?

total: $5, used a $5 off coupon :)

A list of things thrifted will be here! I will make sure to list brands, sizes, material, etc here if I can! :D

Welcome to my thrift log! A new little section of my site that I've wanted to make for a bit hehe. I love to thrift! I rarely ever buy clothing new but go thrifting fairly often, and I always feel the need to show my finds... So, Thrift Log!

In this collumn I will put pictures of the items I have purchased and type a little about them! :)