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chloe moriondo

chloe moriondo (she/they) is a 20 year old musician, making music commonly labelled as 'indie', though they also dabble in rock & pop.

chloe has been my special interest since 2021, but i have been a fan of theirs since 2018.
her & her music are some of my biggest interests and i spend a lot of time listening, reading interviews, archiving (merch&site), & just thinking about her. she has been super influential in my life in the past few years!

you can learn more & see my shrine

butterfly soup

butterfly soup is a free-to-play visual novel about gay girls playing baseball and falling in love.

butterfly soup has been a huge interest of mine for the past 5 years!!!! my other special interest :) i quite literally would be a completely different person if i didn't find this game when i was younger. it is my entire being. please play it. its free.

i don't have a shrine for this currently!
but i do have a site dedicated to it that you should visit

planned shrines

planned shrines:

better call saul
life is strange
everything sucks!
riot grrrl
physical media
kids virtual worlds i played
littlest pet shops
bands that i grew up listening to (they go together i prommy)