happy birthdayyyyy to youuuuu happy birthdayyyyy to youuuuuuuuu happy birthday sei seidenallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll happy birthday to youiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

sei seidenal!
hiiiii sei my bestie friend oomfie sei... youre seeing this because its your birthday (and hopefully it still is in taiwan when i send you this) and because i actually finished it... WOWWEEEE!!!!!!!!

so basicallyyyyyyyyy i love you forever and i want to wish you a very happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy heart emoji frankie grande pride gif.
i jsut want 2 tell you that you are so awesome and cool and sweet and i am so glad to have met you and to have you as my friend :) its so crazy that we've known eachother for like so long now its been like a year and a half...like you were 14 when we first met and now youre 16 like WHAT!!!!!!! idk its just cray cray how time flies etc... anwyay. youre such a nice person and i love to talk to you like seriously. i love when we get to do stupid little bits and jokes but also when we get /srs or can be PETTY BITCHES 2GETHER. obviously all of souptwt is good at this but like... this is about U. sometimes you remind me of myself, but like a cooler smarter one who is also insane about ellie disventure camp instead of ellie degrassi (as if theyre comparable.. but still). like when we have our litle shared psychosis about something (AHEM EVERYTHING SUCKS) its always fun to feel like u get me in that way heh. but i also love when i get to dig deep into whatever is infesting yer mind at the very moment (AHEM DISVENTURE CAMP) and hear all of your intricate little thoughts about it like seriously its so fun i would love to study your brain. also yer HIGH SPACES. like the last one. that was so fucking fun im sorry for scaring you with soundboard effects but my god that was some of the most fun ive had in a long time.
but yer also one of the most genuinely sweet and kind individuals ive ever had the pleasure of knowing and im so proud of you that youve gotten through so much and still remain so purehearted. i know we both talk a lot of being haters or whatever, but i dont see it the same in you as it is in me, i guess. youre constantly, despite everything, still holding yourself up, and you still prove yourself as someone strong, brave, and trustworthy. though i dont think you give yourself enough credit. of course, though, you're still the youngest of us soupers... and i hope the rest of us have done (and will continue to do) a good job looking out for you. i dont want to ever make you feel like i look down on you for that, we're really not too different, but i do want to make it known as much as possible that i am here for you. because i am.
i think you're so FUCKING strong and im so proud of you and im so glad i get to be your friend. also, because i cant go without saying it, youre EXTREMELY fucking talented like it blows my mind everytime you post another piece of yours. truly i think youre my favourite artist. dont tell anyone.

sorry for the FUCKING NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!! but TLDR i love and care u so so so much and im so glad 2 be your friend and u are so so awesome. happy birthsei :)