march 4th 2024
feeling: back hurts...
listening to: soul punk - patrick stump

so it was thursday night, my evil kitten min has been sleeping in my room all night but then wee in the morning she wakes up and decides she wants OUTE! so i go to pick her up to throw her out of my room and all of a sudden YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and my BACK! it HURTDS REAL BAD. i go to sleep trying to sleep it off but i wake up and it just keeps hurting. my mom thinks its some sort of twisted muscle or even a hit nerve. this was thursday THE 29th of FEBRAURYRAY.... and my back STILL hurts. not at all as much as before but as soon as it starts feeling better i strain it again (i had to carry boxes of paper through the school today.... agh milton... my nemesis...)! whats wrong with me! its not even my full back, its like that weird place where your torso locks into your hips or whatever, like almost around where you'd have a tail if humans were awesome. NOT my ass butlike the waist area? idk how to describe it. you know. it HURTS!!!!!!! IM OWNED!!! IM OWNED!!!!!!!

in other news, i've been researching rss feeds because despite hating social media, i need to keep up with my favs who post constantly. so i've been trying to figure out a way to set up an rss feed thatll a) work with the sites i want it too b) not take forever to tinker with and c) be FREE! i dont like payin for shit!!!!!!!! so far ive just kinda set up this one addon distiller or soemthing? it seems to work ok. i've been using it for instagram and tiktok accounts i like, just to get updated on posts without having to use those apps. hopefully i'll find a better way to do this because its not the most effecient way of doing it.

i've spent a good amount of today tinkering with burning dvds. not in a gen z 'idk how to burn dvds' way (ive been burning em since i was like 5 and still had a blockbuster type deal in town) but in the learning how to make dvd menus myself way. its actually pretty easy! i think i'll make another entry on this talking about it in further detail once ive done it more :) anyway, im really passionate about physical media and media preservation so it's about time that i got around to burning the stuff i love. i rrly like the idea of getting blank dvd cases and making my own custom covers and stuff for em too. maybe eventually! i think i'll also burn some like bootleg concert stuffs onto dvds too, just for the hell of it.

so thats been my weekend. howre yall doin. its march now so im doing my musical march (listening to atleast 1 album a day every day) tradition (its the 4th year!!! wow!!!!). i originally started this tradition because some Bad Things happened in march of 2020 (not covid related! a lot of personal Bad Things happened) so i sought out to make it enjoyable, i think its to thank for me getting really into music again, bringing that love back.
so ya. thats it. lov ya

tha past week

february 28th 2024
feeling: shoulder hurts... ruminating...
listening to: calculated - heavens to betsy

lots of things this past week but also not much... read tegan and sara's memoir "high school" in one day. it was good and jsut like addicting to read it was really good and relatable and cool to read about their lives and how they got their start and in general reading stories about other girl rocky lesbian highschoolers will always make me go waogh! theres a tv show based off of it by the same name that i definitely reccommend as well, more fictional than a direct memoir but still super based off of it. i watched it first about a year ago and have been like "i gotta read that!" since. and i finally did and really enjoyed it! who knew!

i also received my life on the murder scene cd/dvd stuffs which is AWESOME i'll get around to watching sometime soon, probably on the weekend. im really happy that i have it in my collection now. totally worth.

this week has also just been really hard for a lot of reasons, some i dont really wanna share right now, but tldr Bad People dont like to leave me alone!!!!! and school sucks. everything feels too much and not enough at the same time. especially with the looming threat that is graduation just around the corner... ough. im totally unsupported in that area because the school has given up on kids like me and my parents expect the school to show me what to do and how The Future will be and how to plan that stuff but they clearly arent! and i have no idea how to voice this and its a big source of me feeling like shit rcently. like always, it feels like everyone else has a plan, and if not they have some sort of idea, but i dont. everyone else has some college plan or atleast people are helping them figure it out but ive got literally nothing. doesnt help that my grades have been on a decline the past year and a half and i couldnt care less because i feel like i dont have a future. lolllll.
other than that i think i should go back to therapy. but i think its a bit too late in the year to do that now (i used to do it thru school) so im just kinda stuck in this big loop of The Horrors. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i didnt get a lot of sleep last night and im tired. goodnight

three cheers

february 21st 2024
feeling: sick to my tummy
listening to: n/a

i recieved my three cheers cd yesterday!!! ordered off of discogs forever ago (before the Big Storm) and now she is here... in all her glory... i ordered life on the murder scene the day before LOL so now im waiting on her too. i was too eepy yesterday to write about it but now im not as eepy so im writing. i love cds i love collecting cds i love physical media i love holding my favourite things in my hands... u should check out my music page if u havent BTW...
ANywauy... my tummy hruts cuz i just ate jello and then laid down like immediately after and then right after that saw a post from --- (regretful social stalking) that made me want to commit many atrocities so now my tummy hurts more. i think im gonna go take a shower.

neocities amazingness!

february 18th 2024
feeling: joyous!
watching: better call saul!!! (5th(?) rewatch)

AGH, i've done a lot less coding the past few days (post layout V2) in favour of browsing other sites, and my goodness!!! the people of neocities are talented. in the past few days ive spent cumulative hours just browsing through other sites, it's so inspiring! i've become acquainted with sites i just ADORE and inspire me immensely, it's so great to have the feeling back after being in a coding slump the past few months (pre-february). and it comes along with others interacting with my site which is like !!!! i can't explain the joy i get when i recieve a comment from someone saying they've browsed my site or that they like it! it's so crazy to me that others can see my silly little site and become inspired by it the same way i do theirs. same thing when i get a guestbook entry! something about it makes me so very happy... and when i see my little button on others' sites!!!!!!!!!!!! woaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGH, i sound silly but truly! it fills me with so much joy to be apart of the little neocities community(?) ! i love u webmasters i love u neocities i love u neoneighbors i love u all MWAH


february 15th 2024
feeling: happy
listening to: the exhumation of princess pavement - june henry

im writing this as i update the site layout so when yr seeing this it'll be updated and you'll see all the coolness and images around :) hai
this thing now has over a thousand lines of code and a lot of different silly dumb pictures i hope u enjoy them as much as i do


february 13th 2024
feeling: somber
listening to: the exhumation of princess pavement - june henry (out on all streaming platforms at midnight!)

working hard on a really cool page for the site that will hopefully be up soon. i've decided im gonna make my more vent-y blogs just completely blacked out because its easier than feeling vulnerable. you guys should listen to june henry.

btw thanks for all the love on the site, i assume most views are just the homepage or whatever and people probably dont read these as much as i think but still, thanks!

EDIT: cool page is up! you can view it here! i'm really proud of it so i hope you check it out and listen to some of my favs :)


february 10th 2024 (again)
feeling: WACK!!!! (still)
listening to: this is why - paramore (still)

oh yea i forgor to say this in the last blog but i do rly wanna change how this page looks it looks so bad but idk what to make it look like what do yall think. ive been meaning to since its like the page i post on the most but. yknow. anyway. new layout for this page coming like this year i hope. ok bye

RETURN! and windows customization

february 10th 2024
feeling: WACK!!!!
listening to: this is why - paramore

hello!!! long time no see... lots going on with holidays and exams yadda yadda... BORING! ive been meaning to type a little something up here for a bit but didnt really know what... but the other day i did a little WINDOWS CUSTOMIZATION and i wanna talk about that i think :3

so waddya mean by windows customization? well. basically i went on a quest to make my little home of a computer into a sillier more cool looking version. what i did was change my taskbar, change desktop icons, change my mouse cursor, change the boot-up sound and background, convert to betterdiscordism, and update my little firefox style!

first thing i did was start using RetroBar in order to make my taskbar look like the taskbar from windows xp, which, if you've seen some other pages on my site, you can tell i have a bit of an affinity for. more than my love of old windows, i have HATRED for new windows. i think its so boring and bland looking.. now my taskbar looks so much better (example pictured below)

next up was desktop icons! i feel like everyone knows how to do this by now, but if u don't know, baaaaasically u just gotta right click on the icon and go to like properties and itll give u a little menu or whatever there to change it. as long as u have yr desired pngs in a .ico file u can change them to whateva!!!!!!!!!! fuckin rules. i made mine the icons from and changed the recycle bin to an idog. because i like them. i think changing it for recycle bin is a little different. lemme find the article i used... ok here i found it
here u can see my little desktop. yea im using bliss as a background of course i am #blissgirl

and of COURSE i changed my cursor. i made it the wiimote cursor :3 u kno the one. i think like everyone knows how to change their cursor by now if u dont yr a loser sorry... dont download any shitty software for it either its so easy i think theres literally a thing in yr windows settings to change it. anyway i did that

OMG the bootup sound and background like... background is simple its like the same process as changing yr normal background just in like a different place but sadly i did not know how to change it until literally 2 days ago when i did this... failure... but then i did it:3 i changed it to the windows 7 login background because nostalgia... until like 3 years ago i was still using windows 7 so u know i had to. and i changed the sound to this like slot machine noise thats used in butterfly soup because i have AUTISM!!!!! idk how to really show that in pics tho sorry... same thing with the login screen like i cant really screenshot from there so u gotta take my word.
i was able to unblur the background and change the bootup sound thanks 2 winaero tweaker MY BELOVED!!!! if u dont use winaero tweaker i strongly suggest it this thing can do so many things its like windows settings beast mode. i was also able to remove the stupid shortcut icon from my shortcuts on my desktop with it as well :) i reccommend it if yr into customization n stuff or just making yr windows not be dumb.

betterdiscord... my beloved... i was always scared to use it until now because my ass is always paranoid about something but i decided fuck it i need nice things and i got this pretty little windows xp theme.. u can get it here!! setting up betterdiscord is super self explanatory if yr interested in doing it. took like 5 mins & was totally worth it cuz now i get that sweet serotonin when i look at it.

if u use firefox its kinda clear how i changed the look of it. i just made it look like windows xp with an addon LOL.

now my computer looks all like fire. and awesome. these things took like my whole day but it was so worth it cuz now it makes me very happy when i use my computer (more than usual) and just feels more... me... i love u wimdows xp forever......
thanx 4 reading i'll try to update this site more bcz i really like to i just dont like doing things


november 14th 2023
feeling: stressed but content at the same time somehow
listening to: tinderbox - siouxsie and the banshees

okay what the fuck was wrong with me when i said i didn't care for siouxsie and the banshees/goth music? what was wrong with her???? ive been listening to more goth stuff the past like week and hello i love this stuff (not as much as my main girls chick rock and 2000s emo but still)! i genuinely have no idea what i was on. cities in dust is like the best song ever made (hyperbole). genuinely. what was up with her. i retract that statement. obviously.

in other news, this terms marks in school came out and WTF i got a 70 in my best subject? english>? literally been my best subject all through school and all of a sudden its my worst mark? its eating at me. like. i pass in all the work i get and i try my best and the stuff i do get corrected and brought back to me is LITERALLY ALWAYS 80-100% so HELLO why is my overall mark a 70????? i HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!
whatever. im gonna get my mom to talk to the teacher and ask WTF is up. so it'll be solved.

in other other news. i've been thinking about fashion a lot lately and adding onto my fashion pinterest board (its at 3k pins) a lot. my style has, to tie this whole blog in i guess, been leaning a lot more gothic as of late (like the last year or so). i think its becoming more apparent since getting my beloved trenchcoats and rosary that im leaning that way. i really like it. im super sensitive to the cold and its like the only style i like that works really well with layering, which is nice. i think my favorite styles that i take a lot of influence from as of late are romantic goth, trad goth, & mall goth. but ofcourse i have other fashion inspirations... namely miss ellie nash from degrassi! i'll probably input a picture below if im not too lazy when i finish writing this. shes literally my icon i love her i love her. shes the fashion icon of every alternative ginger (add canadian in there too!). she is CONSTANTLY serving and it pisses me off that i dont just have her whole wardrobe. speaking of which... going thrifting in a few days which will be awesome. lets hope i find some awesomeness :prayerhands:
OH speaking of ellie nash. i posted a fanfiction involving her on ao3 the other day that i had lying around in my docs for like 6 months LOL still kinda proud of it so i posted it. heres the link if u wanna read

ok i think im done now. heres the ellie images as promised:

burn out

august 18th 2023
feeling: burnt out
listening to: joe's old hat - lindsay minton

feeling so burnt out from everything lately. i have a few ideas for what i want to do with the site but i just cant get myself to start them. same thing with drawing or writing or anything of that sort. just seems so impossible to start. though i know thats the hardest part. i just feel like not doing anything. but i also hate not doing anything.
i was on vacation for a few days and now im back and feel like i've lost my groove. i was making a lot of progress on this site and now i havent worked on it in over a week. i've just been listening to music and scrolling on the miscellanious apps that i hate. everything just feels so impossible!!!!!

ok. watever. im just gonna lay down now. thanx 4 the love

old friend

august 8th 2023
feeling: nostalgic, yearning, even
listening to: weight - june henry, camisado - panic! at the disco

really personal entry, sorry if you care more for the silly ones, i've just been plagued with thoughts!
been thinking about people recently. i guess more specifically the sorts of people that i was codependent on back in my younger days. one in particular.
the kind of codependent homoerotic friendship us queers tend to have in our middle school years. i guess our relationship was like that but under the label of dating. we never really were romantic other than sending paragraphs ending with 'ily'. too young to know how to really be romantic, too codependent to just be platonic. i read over the paragraphs they sent me the other day and i kind of realized that no matter how non-romantic it seems in retrospect, that we both truly and deeply cared about eachother in a time in our lives when we both desperately needed it. how much of our relationship was borderline suicide prevention. maybe it wasn't the healthiest, but god was it a savior to me. and looking back, it was to them as well.
i think i tend to retroactively view my relationships as more one-sided than they really are. but when i have this kind of proof, the paragraphs, i really can remind myself that it was real, it wasn't just me. i had forgotten most of what our relationship was like outside of my own clouded memories, it has been a few years after all, but stuff like this just brings me back, it helps me remember why i loved this person so much.
we were both clueless kids, just trying to latch onto some sort of glimmer of hope in our lives when it seemed so hopeless, both being queer & trans & neurodivergent & all. we were that for eachother. almost to an annoying extent. we would message constantly, attached at the hip during school, and we had almost the same exact interests. it was that sort of relationship. though it wasn't all fun and games all the time, it was salvation.

i miss them, a lot. i wonder what it'd be like being friends with them now. as we are currently. we've talked a bit in the past few years, always getting on like old times but never long enough for it to really become natural again. we're in the same school program and as i've said previously we've talked a bit. but it's not to a point where i'd call them a friend. it makes sense, you know, we've grown up and apart and have our different friends and interests now, and they have a job. a part of growing up is not holding people to who they were when we were close, but selfishly, i do want that connection back, that closeness, that person. but i don't want to force that onto my minds version of them.
i came to the realization not long ago that they are one of the only people i really would be devastated to lose contact with after graduation. it's weird, having this tenuous connection with someone i don't even consider a friend. i'm kind of in this weird area where i don't care about anyone except my closest friends and family, where i feel like theres not much i would miss if i left here, but theres these few select people that i just. i need to stay in contact with. i've fantasized about deleting social media and becoming a new person after graduation but i just cant do it. because i'd lose these people. people i've already lost. but i cant fathom losing the only pieces i have left.

maybe it's a bit weird, but i find myself thinking about this a lot. i wonder if the people i miss do the same. i hope they do, i hope i take up a little bit of space in their minds, because they take up a lot of mine.

i think i'll always be missing people. like a dog, i'll stay waiting at the door if they ever want to come home, and i'll greet them, tail wagging.


july 29th 2023
feeling: accomplished
listening to: totally crushed out! - that dog. (see jukebox)

i've done a lot of coding today. yay! made my shrines page look a lot cooler by making the borders n stuff actually look like windows xp borders (it was just blue before) which turned out good & oddly enough helped fix the formatting on mobile so it is more mobile friendly now. it took forEVER though. but now it's done!
i also added a jukebox to the index page, which is super cool and inspired by my friends site!! you can check them out here! mines not the exact same but a similar idea hehe. also on the index page i made my own silly little logo header thing. it looks purposely silly. like something made in kidpix or something. & i made a little link-back thing (i dont know what to call it!) that you can find there too.

other than coding, which took up a good amount of my day, i went to the record store! usually its a hit or miss because its small and mostly second hand, but i lucked out this time! melodrama by lorde (a personal fav, had this on my discogs wantlist), nirvana mtv unplugged, and (whats the story?) morning glory by oasis. all on cd. i think its a good little haul! it was like. 19 bucks too which rocks. i hate spending money, but sometimes i deserve a little treat... a nice spinny treat that feeds me sound waves.

spotify playlists

july 24th 2023
feeling: full of light
listening to: misc

one of my favorite hobbies is finding a spotify user with a music taste i envy and going through all of their playlists, listening to the little snippets and adding the stand out songs to my 'to listen' playlist to listen to them later on. today is one of those days where i listen to the to listen playlist. well not the to listen playlist quite yet, right now i'm listening to one of the playlists i've taken from. its good so far. i don't typically find my favorite artists through this method but it does give me more to listen to, which is always good. every so often i'm able to add to my 'underground' playlist, which is filled with artists with under 30k monthly listeners. it's nice to find. this process usually lasts an hour or two of just going through the songs and then however long of actually listening to them. ironically, thats the worst part. because i have to actually sit down and dedicate myself to it. sometimes listening to music just gets so boring. not even the music but the act of listening to it. takes me out of my routine. but maybe that's just because of this weird music slump i've been in. which i say despite the fact that i've listened to tons of music the past month. maybe i'm just self consious. who knows!

the song i'm listening to right now is called want more need less, its by this band curve. its pretty cool. kind of chick rocky which i always love but also kind of dream pop-y which i also always love. now we're on a siouxie and the banshees song. i don't care too much about siouxie, i think maybe i should. i don't hate the band, i like it, but i think i just don't really like goth music as much as i've tried to make myself. i think it's also maybe that the songs tend to overstay their welcome. i like long songs but when they're not really interesting to me, they just feel... bleh. you know?

i dont know. i could write forever about music and such but i feel like such an elitist whenever i speak about anything that the people i know dont know (which is like... a lot. sorry.) so i just. dont. like, when i'm into something i know one of my friends likes i give myself the space to talk about it because i know someone else will get it. but when it comes to the other stuff i like i guess its like. i feel like one of those music snob people because i'm talking about stuff nobody else really cares about. doesn't really help that i already feel like i seem like an elitist because of the way i talk about things and. you know. being called one (thanks!). its petty to bring up and stupid to be upset over. i guess i try to pretend it doesnt get to me but somehow it always does. nobody likes someone whos always talking about this 'amazing artist youve never heard' and saying you should get out of your comfort zone with music. because really, what do i know? theres so many better things to be upset over.

im not that upset, really. things just get to me sometimes. i'm actually having a good day. i'm listening to nice music (now on red lanterns by seaside) & drinking lemonade. my cat is laying on her blanket all sprawled out. it's nice.

listening to mitski

july 23rd 2023
feeling: sore (my throat hurts)
listening to: mitski

im listening to mitski. because she announced another album today apparently. so im finishing listening to her entire discography, which i started back in like, february. i've already listened to these albums tens of times. i had a very deep mitski phase in 2021. but i wanted to listen to them again because of a new friend. not so new anymore. but they really like mitski, more than i ever did. its nice to listen to something i really loved a while ago. brings back all those feels, you know?
i used to think be the cowboy was her worst album but now i realized how attached i've grown to it and i'm like. wow. i really love this album.
also. dont ask me to rank any of her albums i'll start crying. i dont think any of them are bad theyre all masterpieces to me. laurel hell and be the cowboy arent her worst btw if you say that youre LYING. and youre a HATER. who hates JOY.

it's really interesting to listen to the music that i was really into when i was like, a freshman. now. going into senior year. after every phase ive gone through in the past four years and every thing ive done and all the music ive listened to. it just gives you a new perspective on it i guess. theres so many more things i see in these songs now that i didn't when i was 14. so many comparisons i can draw to other artists i've grown to love since. growing up, i guess? to think that we could stay the same!

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