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generallistening 2 music, coding, playin games, feminism (TERFS DIE), lesbianism, & talkin 2 my friends
musicchloe moriondo, paramore, mcr, that dog., fall out boy, charly bliss, june henry, dazey and the scouts, bikini kill, snail mail, mitski, alvvays, veruca salt, liz phair, jack off jill, the cranberries, newgrounds death rugby, velocity girl, karas walk home, no doubt, kuromy, waterparks, the format, fun., tegan and sara, idialedyournumber, cocteau twins, hole, pre-split p!atd, sleater-kinney, the crane wives, lucy dacus, poppy
moviesbut i'm a cheerleader, all over me, juno (i dont want enough movies
televisionbetter call saul, breaking bad, everything sucks!, glee, degrassi, euphoria, high school, a league of their own
gamingbutterfly soup, life is strange, stardew valley, animal crossing (NH), the world ends with you, wii sports<3
booksi kissed shara wheeler, one last stop, detransition baby, the seven husbands of evelyn hugo, radio silence
heroesgerard way & kathleen hanna <3
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hii!!! im girlcreature and this is my website!! well this is my about me but. yeah. whatevaa.

i go mostly by girlcreature online but u can call me gc or g if u like :) i am a 17 year old (hs senior) genderpunk lesbian living on the east coast of canada. im super into my special interests, music (fem fronted), coding, graphic design, & collecting cds/dvds!!

i started this website with the goal of making a place for myself on the internet outside of the commodified handful of sites everyone out there uses, detaching myself from it and experimenting with a new form of self expression (coding) at the same time!
i want to rid myself of everything social media has done to me!!! i want to become weirder and stranger and cooler outside of what is or isn't in trend!!!! i want to not understand the weird internet jokes i want to become detached!!!!!!

so much of life, especially as a neurodivergent teenager living in a small town, is based online, because there isn't much waiting for me outside. but the online sphere wrapped up in social media just makes me miserable! and it has for years! so i want to wean myself off of it by building my own little shelter, safe from judgement, trends, & negativity.
i see so many people my age who abandon any sort of true identity for the sake of fitting in or following trends or being percieved as cool. and i dont want to do that!! im not such a big talker in real life so this is my little place where i can take up space!!! where i can do whatever and talk about the things im obsessed with and be ME!!!! its cheesey but true!

to learn even more about me, look to the above 'blogs', they go way more in detail hehe. thanks for visiting!

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